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"Our Indigenous herbalists say to pay attention when plants come

to you; they're bringing something you need to learn."

-Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass


Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) came into my life as a gift. When you come to know this beautiful grass, it surely will gift you as well.

Sweetgrass is native to northern Eurasia and North America and found growing in diverse habitats even above the Arctic Circle. 


Ozark Native Ecotype Indigenous Plant Nursery reverently and sustainably propagates the fast-growing SupershamanisticTM, a naturally occurring polyploid strain, which grows faster and can be harvested 3-5 times a year. Plugs are sold and shipped anywhere in the United States and U.S. Territories. 


With great respect to the Indigenous Peoples, Cultures, and many Tribes, the grass is considered sacred by many and is referred to as the Hair of Mother Earth.


Sweetgrass is more than an ordinary-looking grass with a nice aroma. It is considered one of the "four sacred medicines" and is regarded as a sacred purification plant also known by the names holy grass, vanilla grass, and bison grass. It is used to smudge a space and burned during prayer and meditation.


Sweetgrass, so special, not only has medicinal and spiritual qualities, but it also is used:

         ~ in crafts and basketry 

         ~ in making braids for smudging

         ~ in stuffing mattresses and pillows and placing in a closet to repel moths and keep clothes smelling fresh


The two chemicals found in the holy grass is phytol and coumarin, both repel mosquitoes.

SupershamanisticTM Sweetgrass


The SupershamanisticTM strain is fast growing and grown in full sun and must be kept constantly moist. It takes 2-3 years to develop a robust root system. It grows to near 40 inches with the potential to grow 48 inches long.

You may choose to order plugs and grow this extraordinary grass. Please see the order form below.

3 for $42
6 for $84
9 for $126
12 for $168

Shipping is included in the price and plugs ship USPS Priority Mail across the United States and U.S. Territories. The plugs are guaranteed for 30 days after receipt and come with planting instructions.

Dried Bulk Bundles coming available for shipping soon, please check back.


NOTE: the name SupershamanisticTM is a trademark of the Redwood City Seed Company, Craig C. Dremann, co-owner of Redwood City Seed Company (Licensor) has granted permission to Brenda Sharp Native Ecotypes, LLC (Licensee) to grow and sell SupershamanisticTM Sweetgrass, and as the exclusive entity selling SupershamanisticTM Sweetgrass in the Continental United States and U.S. Territories.

Sweet Dreams


Sweetgrass Order Form


Hierochloe odorata

Sweetgrass Plug Package Options

3 qty sweetgrass plugs$42
6 qty sweetgrass plugs$84
9 qty sweetgrass plugs$126
12 qty sweetgrass plugs$168
  • Price includes USPS Priority Mail Shipping

  • Plugs guaranteed for one month

  • Plugs ordered may be increased and priced accordingly

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